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AP revABISHA Consulting ( ABISHA ) is a service company that specializes in the field of Human Resources & Consultancy .

ABISHA is the best partner in building excellence in your company’s productivity . As a training organization , ABISHA has gained a reputation in providing quality consulting , facilitating and providing training that covers the themes of employee- attitude – development , practical leadership skills , practical management skills , organization communication , and quality customer service .

Our training philosophy is pragmatic theory in the delivery of a short and a lot of talk about the application to the ” world practice ” as we seek to improve productivity and achievement of results using an interactive approach to learning .

To give you a quality training facilities, satisfactory and professional speaker , contact us to schedule a free consultation to equalize in the view of identifying ” blind spots ” or problems within your organization that may require immediate attention .

ABISHA already experienced in motivating people , improving skills in the lead , expertise in management , communication and improve the quality of service in the workplace .

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